Friday, October 12, 2007

Mary Poppins, Eat Your Heart Out

Ordinary umbrellas require the use of at least one hand, which you definitely need for other things when you're caught in the rain! The Hands-Free Umbrella attaches comfortably around your shoulder, keeping your hands completely free for opening doors, carrying shopping bags or walking the dog. Metal shaft is 36" long; nylon hood is 41" diameter open. $14.99

Alright kids, Quiz Time!

What's the best part of the hands-free umbrella?

A) it's something to laugh at in the street on a dreary rainy day

B) when a gust of wind comes, she goes airborne

C) when she tries to get into a cab and has to detach it first

D) when she leaves a store with arms full of groceries and tries to put this back on in the middle of a downpour


Lucy said...

Yeah, the umbrella is already an imperfect and inconvenient invention in and of itself, leaving the top half of my body dry, but the bottom half soaked to the bone.

And everyone knows choice "B" is the key problem. It makes me wonder why people even try to use umbrellas in torrential windy downpours. I'm always in awe of those Weather Channel reports where they get B-roll footage of people trudging and struggling through Hurricane-like gusts of wind--of course moronically with an open umbrella in hand.

I'm not sure who would feel comfortable buying this item, let alone actually using it. My vote: Just invest in a poncho.

S* said...

I'd like to see her try it in New York know during a downpour...squeezing past people who refuse to do "the tilt" to avoid poking out your eye as you pass them. Or better yet, walking beneath scaffolding with a bunch of people who refuse to do the tilt.