Thursday, November 01, 2007

Knit Dickey is Dangerous

35 Degree Below® Knit Dickey adds warmth, not bulk! Stay warm and toasty this winter without layers of heavy clothing. Ribbed knit dickey with comfy, easy-stretch neck will complement any outfit. One size fits all. Machine washable acrylic. Imported $5.98

Ladies, be careful where you wear this.

Interviewer: Hello, Linda. Nice to meet you. Won't you have a seat?

Linda: Thank you. My, it's certainly warm in here.

Interviewer: Yes, well, it's chilly out there.

Linda: Winter's on it's way! (forced, nervous laughter)

Interviewer: So, Linda, tell me a little about why you're interested in ACME Toy Company.

Linda: Well, I've worked in retail for ten years, and I also used to be a kindergarten teacher, so I am very good with kids. I know what kinds of toys they like. (wipes sweat off brow, forced smile)

Interviewer: That's a very interesting combination for this particular position. Okay, well, um, let me tell you a little bit more about what the position entails.

Linda: Sure. Do you mind if I take off my jacket?

Interviewer: No, go right ahead.

Linda: Thanks. (takes off jacket, forgets that she's wearing just a dickey and a bra.) That's better. I'm sorry, please go on.

Interviewer: (stares at chest, looks away) You know, Linda, this is not going to get you the job any easier...

Linda: What? (looks down) OHMYGOD! (bolts out door)

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Steven said...

Ok... I almost bought one of these a few years back.

I needed my neck to stay warm and I hated to layer articles of clothing. It was the obvious choice for me.