Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ironing Board Drying Rack is All Wet

Portable Ironing Board Drying Rack creates space virtually anywhere for hanging clothes and keeping freshly ironed clothes wrinkle free. Horizontal rack attaches directly to ironing board, hangs over a door. Built-in spaces prevent clothes from bunching together. $9.98

Oh, please. Despite the fact that calling this a Drying Rack makes no sense (who irons wet clothes?), what ironing board on the planet is stable enough to not fall over from the weight of just this thing alone? I have a hard enough time trying to keep the ironing board from rocking out of control without some gadgety tail-like thing attached. Combine the weight of those ugly clothes, plus the inertia created by the ironing motion and you've got a pile of clothes on the floor and maybe a burned arm. (and is it just me, or does that "ironing board" look like a fabric covered shelf with an iron photoshopped in?)

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