Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Executive Decision

Spin "a moment" or help guide your future with this stainless steel engraveable decision maker. A chic gift for both men and women, this will be major conversation piece in the office. An executive attraction for making deals or just deciding on where to have lunch. This has been voted "Most Popular" among CEO's and CF0's. A cost effective gift for both large and small corporations. Each Decision Maker includes gift box. Size is 3.5" diameter.Personalization Available. $12.50

A surefire disaster in the wrong hands. (click to enlarge and see the "decisions")

CEO: Alright, guys, we need to make a very important decision. It's a decision that will affect the very future of this company. Do we make a bid to buy Wrigley's Orbit Gum company now or just try a hostile takeover?

(silence in the board room)

CEO: What, none of you have anything to say? What a bunch of wimps! What do I pay you guys for? Jesus!

Kyle: (raises hand) I think I know what we should do. (takes out decision maker wheel, places it on table, spins it) Let's see, it's landed on 'sit on it'... so...I think we should sit on it. (looks up, smiles) Yep, definately sit on it.

CEO: (face turns red) Kyle, what the hell is that?

Kyle: It's the corporate decision maker. I got it from you for Christmas. We all have one!

CEO: (steam comes out of ears) That's a damn lie and you know it!! (looks around room) Does anyone else have one of these?

(denials all around the room)

CEO: Dammit, Kyle! You're fired! Kathy, reach over and slap him upside the head, please. Good. Once more, please.

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