Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Denim Wedding Dress is Perfect for Halloween

Blue denim hand beaded corset dress with cathedral train. Only $450. Net slip is included. Now in stock sizes 10-16. Sizes 4-20 will be available the end of November.

(Big thanks to Helen on this one.)

If I know my readers, a few are gasping in horror right about now. What's that you ask? Who the hell would wear that?Well, as it turns out, at least one woman did. Read her review in full below, spelling errors and bad grammar intact.

"This dress was perfect for our wedding. It looks much better in person then it does online. the detail is awesome and it is really comfortable and it isnt has heavy as it looks. It made my day perfect."

And another recurring feature is born: Western Wedding Wednesdays


poody said...

Oh boy western weddings! Yee haw!

eleni said...

you're very welcome, babe...can't wait to see what you'll write each