Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crown Fools

Express yourself with personalized Crown Pendant from Midnight Velvet. Cubic zirconia accents. Approx. 3/4" l x 1" w on 18" chain. Personalize with up to 7 letters/spaces. $79.99

Alright, boys and girls, it's time for a little pop quiz. What lesson does the Crown Pendant teach us?

A) all women are decended from royalty, not to be messed with

B) some women are tacky as all get out

C) Amanda will buy the ugliest shit imaginable because she can have it personalized

D) all of the above

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[midnight velvet]


S* said...

I like this post because you used the phrase "all get out". I never hear anyone say that besides me.

Chris said...

s* - I MISS YOU! Where have you been?

I keep reading that phrase online so I thought I'd integrate it. It fits, don't it?