Monday, October 29, 2007

Because Money Alone Would Be an Insult

Money Tree. Turns cash into an eye-catching gift. 16" metal tree has 12 bendable branches with twist-tie ends that hold bills in place. Simply attach dollars, fives, tens or combinations to create an attractive gift for any occasion! Includes card. Money not included! $6.98 2 for $12.98 4 for $23.96

What's the worst part about the Money Tree?

A) that it will likely be given to me with 12 dollars attached to it

B) that I will need to sit there and untie 12 dollars

C) that the person who gives it to me will probably make some stupid crack about money growing on trees

D) that they assume money is not eye catching unless it is creased and folded and presented as an embarrassing crafts project.

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