Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Batteries Not Included

EMERSON BATTERY CHARGER Save money by recharging batteries you would normally discard! No need to buy expensive rechargeables; extend the life of drained alkaline batteries by recharging them for reuse. Our Emerson Battery Charger safely recharges up to 4 alkaline, heavy duty, standard or NiCad batteries (AA, AAA, C and D) at a time. Automatically shuts off when charging is complete. Lights indicate which batteries are dead and which can be recharged. Plastic, metal. 10" x 5 ¼" x 4". $29.95

Shameful confession: When I was very young, I actually had one of these. In my defense, I had a lot of battery operated toys and gadgets, but no job, so this seemed to be the perfect solution.

Guess what? The piece of shit didn't work, but years later, Emerson is still trying to pawn them off on unsuspecting victims. Although I imagine that, since the design is exactly as it was when I owned it, then they're still trying to get rid of the thousands produced but never bought.

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Steven said...

I also had one of these for all the batteries my family used. They still have, like, 8 remote controls FOR ONE TELEVISION.