Tuesday, October 09, 2007

As Seen on Top Chef

What is this?
A) Incredible Frying Pan
B) Betty Crocker Cake Layer Mold
C) Crepe Pan
D) Iron Chef Saute Pan
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C) (because C stands for crap and crepe) Crepe Pan lets you make thin, pancake-like treats just like a gourmet French chef! Simply dip the pan into the prepared batter, flip over and place on a burner until the edges turn golden brown, then add your favorite fillings! Crepeps slide easily off non-stick surface. Also great for making warm wraps, festive tortillas and tender manicotti. Recipe book included. $39.98.

Now, I don't know about you, but my idea of cooking (however primitive) does not involve dipping a pan into batter and then trying to flip it like a jackass to cook the underside of it. There should be no flipping of raw batter. Ever.

How about this: spend the $40.00 on either a cooking class or a cookbook and learn to do things right.

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S* said...

Whatever happened to making crepes with a plain old ladle and griddle?