Friday, October 05, 2007

She'll Poke Her Eyes Out

Pearl™ Moisturizing Mist hydrates, rejuvenates and reduces the appearance of wrinkles! A favorite of Hollywood's biggest names, dermatologist-approved formula has been clinically proven to "mist away" tell-tale signs of aging. The restorative properties of genuine pearl, wheat protein, and deep-sea minerals help tighten skin tone and elasticity, so you, too, can be ready for your next "close-up"! 1 oz. spray bottle. $19.98 Now: $12.50

And as you can see by the lovely photo (apparently taken under cover of night), those are actual baby pearls flying out of that bottle. She'd better be careful, she's about to lose an eye.

1 comment:

S* said...

That's just bootleg Pearl Cream.