Friday, August 03, 2007

Recipe For Disaster

Ice cream sandwich maker creates a special treat for you and your kids! Simply layer brownies or cookie crumbs with your favorite ice-cream in the special form, press, and the built-in cutter makes neat sandwiches a breeze. Save money and have fun! 5 x 3¼ x 2½". $14.98

So, it's not bad enough that you're too cheap to buy your kids ice cream sandwiches, but now you're trying to make them from scratch? Who are you kidding? I'm sure this will be fun when they disintegrate on the first bite, huge glops of (M&M?) ice cream and store-bought pie crust falling on the floor, followed by a catastrophic, ear-bleeding tantrum.


S* said...

Shit, we always got ice cream sandwiches cuz they were the cheapest damn thing on the ice cream truck.

Chris said...