Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tea Time

Motorcycle Wall Clock roars down the pike with authentic sounds every hour on the hour! Detailed replica of a real, mean, racing machine is a conversation piece and one cool way to keep time. Quartz accurate timepiece has easy-to-read numbers, sweep second hand, and built-in hang hook. Uses 2 AA batteries (not incl.). 9" x 8" x 4-1/2" D. $19.98

Detailed replica? Really? This looks like a frickin tricycle from Toys R Us. And it's about as mean as a newborn baby. But I digress.

Here's the conversation they're probably hoping it will inspire:

Janet: So nice of you to come over for some tea and crumpets, Princess Madison. Won't you have a seat?

Madison: Oh, 'tis my pleasure. Why thank you so much!

Janet: Would you like some tea?

Madison: I would love some. Do you have any chamomile?

Janet: Why yes. (pours tea in dainty cup)

Madison: (looks around) I must say, your mansion is surely delightful! Much better than my old Central Park West abode.

Janet: Oh, thank you. We just had it decorated!

Madison: Oh, MY LORD!

Janet: What's wrong, Princess Madison? What is it?

Madison: There's a mean, hideous motorcycle headed right for us! Get down! (grabs Janet's arm, they both fall to the floor. Precious tea set breaks into precious pieces)

Janet: Oh, you silly fool. That's not a real motorcycle. Just a replica clock from Harriet Carter!

Madison: Oh my, I feel so foolish. Do you have any vodka?


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