Sunday, February 25, 2007

Try Explaining This One to the FBI

"Alternating Pressure Point Technology" makes Best Seat your best choice for travel. This patented seat cushion uses a microprocessor-controlled pump and valve system that alternates air pressure within its chambers to "lift and shift" the points where your body comes in contact with the airplane or car seat, so your circulation is continually enhanced. Batteries for the tiny built-in pump last 50 hours before needing a recharge (dual-voltage recharger included). Far more comfortable than any air or gel cushion! $225.00

If you’re already spending that much time in an airline seat, $225 is a lot to spend on this "baby seat," especially after it is confiscated by stubborn security guards at the airport.


greencan said...

they wouldn't let me take water or milk for my baby when we were traveling this past summer...I don't think this is going to fly (ha ha)

Chris said...

Can you imagine the amount of returns they're going to have to process on this? No one can use them on any plane, so they might as well just take em all back.