Friday, February 16, 2007

These Should Be At Least 75% Off By Now

Nothing says “I Love You” better than a dozen chocolate roses. Each rose is wrapped in red foil then beautifully arranged against a shimmering gold background. This lovely box of solid, milk chocolate roses is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Mother’s Day or any day you wish to remember someone special. Made by Mark Avenue Chocolates. Comes boxed. 6 oz. $14.98 (should be $3.75 or less)

Comes boxed? Thank God. I'm so tired for ordering these only to have them thrown in a plastic bag. They're always all smashed when I get them and Mom cries--again. And $14.98? I call bullshit on this because you're only getting 12 little pieces of crap milk chocolate and paying for the "shimmering gold background" that will end up in the garbage anyway.

1 comment:

Miss Trashahassee said...

thems would be good if they wuz Dove choklit.

Miss T