Sunday, February 25, 2007

PC Pest Control

SuperSwat Fly Swatter
Fly Removal Kit Safely Eliminates Pests. All-in-one set includes swatter/sweeper, scooper and tweezer to dispose of insects the sanitary way. Makes removal and cleanup of flies, bees, wasps so much easier without having to waste paper towels or use your household broom to sweep up the mess. Easily whisks insects off walls and windows, too. Plastic swatter is 21" long with 5" wide head. $5.99

Oh, come on. Half the fun of killing a fly is watching them splat against the wall, then finishing them off with a balled up wad of paper towels, while screaming at the gooey mass inside.


greencan said...

I usually just scream like the girl I am, and make my husband get the spiders and erwigs (spelling?). Usually my dog or cats will jump on anything and torture it to death so I just try to make them notice whatever pest is lurking. Is that so wrong?

Chris said...

That's the whole point of having pets, isn't it?