Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pasta Wars

Remember the Pasta Express? Sure you do. Though arguably the most ridiculously conceived kitchen item in years, it's still around. You can easily find it at any store with low standards. What's more incredible is that someone was brave enough to attempt to out do it. This is the little known rival, Pasta Vision (right). At first, it's similar to the Pasta Express, but this is where it goes haywire. You pour the water in. You put the pasta in. You flip the switch. The water boils and cooks the pasta right there. Too bad my stove can't do that. And it is as cheap an flimsy as you might expect, with hideous toy grade plastic. Not surprisingly, it has vanished from CVS and Costco. There isn't a trace of it left on the internet. I checked. Patent wars? Or common sense?

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