Sunday, February 25, 2007

Marzipan Madonna Figurine Not Included

Stadium-shaped cake practically decorates itself! Serve this cake at halftime, and sports fans will cheer! This cast aluminum Bundt® pan with non-stick finish makes it easy to Surprise the sports fans at halftime or on a birthday with a stadium cake! This cast aluminum Bundt® pan creates a golden crust and fine details that eliminate the need for hours of decorating—just dust with powdered sugar or drizzle with glaze. The heat-reflective exterior produces uniform browning; the premium non-stick inner surface releases the cake easily. 9-cup capacity; approx. 9½"x12". Pipe frosting in team colors! Bundt Natural Cake Mix, 21.6 oz.; just add butter, milk and eggs to create one moist, rich cake; specify lemon, chocolate or vanilla. bake.

Sorry, but you bring this into a room full of rabid carb-addicted sports fans and the only reaction will be laughter (and anger) at what is essentially, a hollowed out cake. And note the incredible recipe at the end there. "Bake," it says, but not for how long or at what tempurature, because all rabid sports fans know how to bake.

I suspect that the only consumers of this will be gay men who will decorate it to recreate concert venues by their favorite pop icons.

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