Tuesday, February 13, 2007


NEW! Make a gallon of margaritas automatically! If your idea of fun includes salt and a lime wedge, then the Margarator is for you! Just fill with ice, tequila and margarita mix, flip a switch and you're ready to serve. Makes sixteen 8 oz. servings in just minutes! Special blender both grinds and shaves ice for a deliciously frosty margarita taste. One gallon capacity unit is insulated to stay cold for up to four hours. AC and DC capability makes it great for parties, cookouts, camping trips, tailgaiting, weddings and more.10"L x 10-1/2"W x 19-1/4"H. $129.99

Just a piece of advice, so-called margarita lovers: "Margarita mix" is the same as "cheese product." In other words, disgusting, fake, and, in this case, blasphemous and so wrong. (And don't get me started on that tiny, plastic margarita glass in the photo) Want a real margarita? This is the secret formula: 3 parts tequila, 1 part whiskey sour mix, 1 part triple sec, 1 part Rose's Lime Juice. Add ice, drink, fall over. You'll thank me in the morning.
(Thanks to Larry for the recipe.)


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Exactly. It reminds me of those kiddie Snoopy snow cone machines they made when I was a kid.