Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Use Your Frickin Hands

You're Guaranteed the Best Blended Salads Using These Easy-Grip Forks. From leafy greens, to julienne carrots and pepper strips, every ingredient is mixed equally. Large tines blend without mashing ingredients. Set of 2 hooks onto a bowl. Dishwasher safe plastic is 6" long. Easily lift chicken breasts, veal cutlets, pork chops using two hands, not a spatula! $6.99

And when you're not "blending" salads, you can put them by your mouth and scare the family pet! Or you can shove them up your ass for a relaxing massage. These are retarded. Using these won't make it easier to lift a slimy chicken breast. But, I guess the long tines come in handy when trying to pick it up after it slides off and slaps onto the floor.

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