Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'll Bet You It's Made In China, Too

Bald Eagle Bookshelf
Created to showcase your most precious collectables, this superbly crafted, three-dimensional American eagle bookshelf captures all the majesty and beauty of our national symbol in amazing lifelike detail. Magnificent spread-wing design in sculpted polyresin. Mounts easily on wall with screws (not included). 23"L x 6 5/8"H x 7 5/8"D. $14.99

Yes, it's very lifelike. In fact, I fondly remember when the Bald Eagle would come to town on National Eagle's Flight Day, bringing big, heavy textbooks and potted plants for all the patriotic children that were good all year long. Wow, this brings back so many memories. And a tear to my eye.

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