Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sheetrock's Natural Enemy

"This is the child's electric powered ride-on bumper car shaped like a ladybug. For indoor or outdoor use, the buggy is made of shatter-resistant polypropylene and it has a non-marring bumper made of high-density foam rubber. The rear tires are solid rubber and the two free-spinning front casters are durable plastic. Includes seat belt and accommodates riders up to 55 lbs. Ages 3 and up. (18 lbs.) $129.95" (from the SkyMall catalog)

It's my first demolition derby! Imagine the fun as the kids demolish the house, knocking over tables, chairs, breaking lamps, punching holes in the walls, and chasing the family pet. Non-marring bumper? All toys mar. All of them. Have they tested this product indoors at all? Reason number 8,754 that I hate kids. All of them.

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