Friday, January 26, 2007

Scratching Post

Stainless Steel Scratch Remover restores sinks, cookware and more to "like new" condition! Use the special polish and scrubber to wipe away ugly pot marks, steel wool damage, scratches and corrosion from surfaces. Once removed, use the fine-grain restorer pads to maintain stainless steel's original satin or gloss finish. Kit includes liquid polish, double scrubber, 5 restorer pads and latex gloves.
Was $15.98 Now: $8.50
2 for $29.98 Now: $16.50

God, they can't even give it away. This one is going down as the worst case of bad photoshopping I've ever seen. Ever. (click to enlarge) First, any sink that is so severely scratched is likely a health threat. Second, what did they do, scratch some Plexiglas and hold it over the sink for this shot? Third, how do you manage to scratch a sink so violently? Are you storing tools in there? Washing your mace? Even if these are before and after shots, I'm betting they started out with a new sink, took the "after" shot, then scratched the hell out of it for the pathetic "before" picture.

You know, if you look at it long enough, the sink just looks like it's full of white cat hair.

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