Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Harriet Carter, Pot Head

This Microwave Pot won’t stain! Just imagine, you can cook tomato-based sauces or soups, chili, baked beans and other foods without permanently staining this clear plastic saucepan. Ends orange-tinted microwave dishes, scrubbing or bleaching! Dishwasher-safe pot has a 3" handle and two pouring spouts. 6-1/2" diameter x 31/4" H. Holds approx. 20 oz. $4.98 2 for $8.98

Damn it, Harriet Carter! Stop saying "just imagine," as if you've solved the problem of the century, especially when introducting the plastico retardo Microwave Pot. Does this come with a lid? Can I put it in the freezer? Is your plastico retardo Microwave Pot oven or stovetop safe? How many little old ladies will set the house on fire after doing so? Well? Your silence speaks volumes, Harriet. I'll stick with my Corelware.

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