Friday, January 12, 2007

Just Let Someone Sneeze In Your Face

Button Extender When Your Waist Size Fluctuates, Use This Extra INCH! Here is a quick way to loosen waistbands when you’ve added extra pounds! Home Trends Button Extender is one of our most popular items. The easy-on, easy-off extender loop simply slips over your existing button on pants, skirts & jeans, and adds a whole extra inch to tight fitting waistbands. Button Extender saves the hassle of costly visits to the tailor too. Set of 4 Button Extenders included.

Costly visits to the tailor? I'm afraid that the target market for this item (fat old men who could care less about their appearance, especially when pairing khaki pants with denim shirts) stopped going to the tailor long ago.

A set of four? Wow! On really bad days, you can string them together and get FOUR inches more out of your pants! Never buy pants again! Until the inner thighs wear out from all the friction.

(I could have totally used these during those long holiday months, but a nice stomach virus fixed things right up!)


Slinky Redfoot said...

another gold nugget. You KNOW this sells like hot, giant cupcakes in the mid west. Will they make extinct those fabulous elastic waist pants?

Chris said...

I have another, even scarier one, up my sleeve. I will post that today.

greencan said...

I hate to say it, but I really wish I had one to fit into my pants a little longer during my pregnancy! I know, I know, I'm banned for life, right?

Chris said...

Dear Greencan: It's one thing to need this for post-pregnancy weight, quite another for digusting gluttony and laziness. You may live, as long as you keep coming back.