Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Or, You Could Pick A Fight With a Stranger

Pow! An interactive boxing workout with a sci-fi theme! The Robo Boxer provides a realistic human-shaped opponent, with graphical target zones to perfect your aim. With each blow, the Robo Boxer bounces back, coming with a multi-directional response to keep you on your toes. Adjustable suspension controls the speed of rebound. Six levels of height adjustment raises target from 60" up to 70". Heavy-duty steel con-struction provides plenty of support for long-lasting use. Folds down and rolls away for easy storage. 64 x 35 x 62-70", 86 lbs. $99.99

“realistic human-shaped opponent”

I give up. I’m running away to Europe. (Thanks to Helen for the headline)


Slinky Redfoot said...

And what about that pasty wimp doing the hitting? Is he wearing clogs???

Chris said...

I don't think they're clogs, but his sock/shoe combo is definately not from this decade.