Friday, January 19, 2007

Fishy Faux Pas

3D WALL MIRROR AQUARIUM Three-dimensional wall aquarium Enjoy the tranquil beauty of an aquarium without feeding fish or cleaning it. An assortment of colorful fish brighten your home or office as they swim about. Lighted background and mirrored frame accentuate scene. Plug has on/off switch. Mounts flat with included hardware. Glass, 26 x 3 x 18". $69.98

"Mounts flat with included hardware." Really? I was just going to lay it on the table and serve drinks on it. Mirrored frame, so you can see just how pathetic you are as you hang it up next to the pictures of your trailer trash wedding and 1979 Camaro.

Also available: The Virtual Cat - enjoy the plush softness of a cat without having to keep it alive! It comes fully declawed and makes a realistic purring sound when held!

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