Thursday, January 18, 2007

How To Tell If Someone Hates You

They get you this.

Even a mouse prefers black leather! (yes, that's the actual tagline) Black leather mousepad with a clock, alarm, timer, and a 10-digit calculator. Also performs currency conversions and tax calculation. Adjustable-angle LCD display. Gel wrist rest. Two AAA batteries included. $49.50

Don't look now, but the "deluxe" model includes an iPod adapter, mini-speakers, cell phone charger, halogen lamp, fold-out keyboard, photo printer, ice maker, shoe shine kit and the pad doubles as a hot plate to keep your Starbucks warm! Only $69.50. From your friends at the SkyMall catalog.


greencan said...

Does Swiss Army make this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .Several months ago my class project revealed that most students who were asked to give up their iPods and cell phones for two days could easily sacrifice the ipod batteries.