Friday, January 26, 2007

But Who's Counting?

Fourteen piece value-priced bath set brightens the whole room at a fraction of the price of other sets. Lovely leaf design is outlined by ornate scroll work. Includes a polyester shower curtain (70 x 70"), 12 fabric shower rings, machine washable non-slip bath mat (18 x 30") and a contoured rug that fits around the toilet. Available in Coral, Blue, Green and Gray $19.98

Fourteen pieces? Wow! What a bargain! Wait a minute. What's going on here? They actually count each individual shower ring as a "piece." Let's add it up:

1 Polyester shower curtain

12 fabric shower rings

1 bath mat

1 toilet rug

So, there are 15 pieces in the fourteen piece "value-priced" bath set. Is that the "value" part?

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S* said...


But I would have bought it anyway, if it came with the matching fuzzy toilet seat cover.