Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What? It Doesn't Fax, Too?

"Bedside Phone Center with dock for iPod. In one compact bedside companion, you get a feature-packed cordless phone system, a dual alarm clock, an AM/FM radio and a stereo speaker system with universal dock for playing and charging all dockable iPods. Wireless remote works the iPod and radio. The 2.4GHz telephone comes with two handsets, each with speakerphone; it has a digital answering machine, memo recorder, 50-number phonebook, 40-number Caller ID, call waiting, intercom, three-way calling and pager/locater. The large, round backlit LCD shows time and date. Program the alarms to wake you up to the radio or your iPod. $179.95"

Holy Feature Overload, Batman! In other words, this ugly glorified alarm clock has more features stuffed into it than the average person would need over the course of their lifetime! Were the designers paid per feature? I love how the clock, arguably the most important bedside feature, is three inches in the air and angled toward the ceiling, so it's almost impossible to read without getting up. And good luck trying to answer that phone in the middle of the night without sending your iPod crashing to the floor.

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Slinky Redfoot said...

true, although if Darth Vader had an alarm clock, it would be this one