Sunday, December 10, 2006

That Was Stupid

Don't stress it - press it. Get your own Easy Button. Now there's an Easy Button for your business. Staples Foundation for Learning™ will donate proceeds of this product, up to $1 million, to Boys & Girls Club of America 2 AAA batteries included $4.98


Now, I'm all for charity, but Staples is going to have to do a little better than this. They should be so lucky to generate a million dollars in proceeds from this piece of shit. And what, exactly, does the easy button do? It needs batteries, but they're not telling us what for. Does it sing? Does it light up? Does it talk? Does it pretend fart? Does it magically clean up rooms and organize your life just like in the commercial? Of course not. Wait, I got it! It magically fills landfills. (and just a little sidenote, this was listed under Executive Gifts.)
Update: It seems that when pressed, the piece of shit says, "That was easy!" I have not been to my local Staples to witness this firsthand, because the ensuing rage would be too much to suppress.


S* said...

I know a couple girls I'm gonna get this button for.

Lady Jaye said...

One of my co-workers has this one! Once in a while we hear it go, "That was easy!". At least she doesn't use it too often...