Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scissors and Balls Not Included

From the IDIOTS at the Carol Wright catalog.

“Here's a fun, clever way to give money as a gift without using a gift card designed for money. Simply tape dollar bills together roll the bills up and place in the box. When the first bill is pulled, the other bills will come out in a seemingly endless stream! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, religious events and graduations. Box is 4 1/2" x 3 1/2". $1.99”

Weddings? Let's see, the typical cash wedding present is about $75-100--for starters. What kind of loser is going to sit there and tape 75-100 dollar bills end to end and have the nerve to present that as a gift? And I pity the recipient who doesn't have the balls to say, “Take this shit back and cut me a check,” but instead goes home to cut the bills apart. Why are there people out there who think that giving money is so boring that they need to make it "fun." It's money--cold hard cash. Trust me, no one will be bored receiving it. I certainly won't.

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1 comment:

S* said...

This can't be real. Seriously. Nevermind taping them together (serves you right for buying stupid shit), but why make someone suffer through cutting apart dollar bills?