Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Loser Express

Santa's Flying Christmas Train Set will delight and entertain with its fabulous sound effects and moving flywheel on the engine. The engine and three cars circle the middle branches of your tree for a unique and active decoration. Easily attaches to the trunk of the tree with the included clamp. Works on real or artificial trees. 36" diameter.

Easily entertained? Slightly retarded? Check out the accompanying video for this waste of $40.00. Train Set. Things you'll discover:
a) the tree appears to have no branches, as they've all been bent out of the way so that the train can get through.
b) the tree can not be decorated, for the Flying Christmas Train Set demands center stage
c) Santa is nowhere to be found, nor is he "flying" anywhere.
d) you suddenly want to kill yourself by jumping in front of a real train

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