Friday, December 29, 2006

Rack Em Up, Beat Em Down, Poke Em Out

This is the first laser-guided regulation-sized pool cue. When activated, the harmless visible laser provides a precise guide for lining up the perfect shot with pinpoint accuracy. The touch sensor on/off switch features both manual and automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. The set includes a 58" two-piece cue with a secure microfiber grip and an aluminum joint and ferrule, in addition to two tip scuffers, two chalks, three replacement leather-tipped ferrules, and a zippered nylon carrying case with shoulder strap and accessory pocket. Requires three 1.5V batteries (six are included). 58" L. (3 lbs.)

And that carrying case is perfect for bringing it to any pool hall in New Jersey. Oh, those guys beating the shit out of you and shoving that Laser Guided Pool Cue up your ass? They're just kiddin around. They're goodfellas! (Thanks to Matt at Brandspankin for the inspiration)

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NEW! Take your pool game to the next level! A modern twist on the an old favorite, this 3D pool table plays horizontally and vertically on three levels, with scoops that allow you to shoot down - or up - for hours of family fun. More exciting than a traditional table and more challenging than bumper pool. Perfect for rooms with limited space. Sets up in a snap with no tools required. Includes two cues, two cue balls, eight balls and rack. Fits nicely on table. 35 1/2"L x 25"D x 22 1/4"H. Weight: 21 lbs.

I don't know what is more satisfying: knowing that no one will ever be able to hit the balls hard enough to make them go up one level, or that someone's going to lose an eye.

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Slinky Redfoot said...

I like how the laser is "harmless". Only if you consider going sterile "harmless"!