Monday, December 04, 2006

Hammer Time!

"Unlike standard digital clocks which display traditional Arabic numbers, this unconventional timepiece displays a series of LED-illuminated color patterns to indicate minutes and hours. Deceptively simple, counting the colored squares in each of the four separate sections reveals the time (12:39 is shown). The color combinations vary by increment of time, and can be adjusted to update every one, four or 60 seconds. The clock has three brightness settings to suit any lighting environment. The unit may be viewed vertically or horizontally and can be wall-mounted or placed on any solid surface."

Great for those just learning to count or tell time. Can you imagine what it's like waking up from a hangover and trying to figure out what time it is? Oh, and by the way, it will cost you $59.95 (plus the indefinite scorn of your spouse and laughter from all your friends at your expense) I want to buy one just to break it with a hammer.

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Slinky Redfoot said...

Tron meets Star Trek meets Wal Mart meets China