Friday, December 08, 2006

It's The Thought That Counts--Unless You're Thoughtless

Now, don't get me wrong here; if my pet died, I'd probably consider such a headstone, however morbid it might be. What's stupid is how this was listed in the "Gifts for Pets" section of the Lillian Vernon website. Yep, nothing says "Holiday Cheer" like a marble headstone. I'd imagine the scene goes something like this:

Clueless Friend: Merry Christmas! Just a little something to cheer you up.

Grieving Pet Owner: Oh, you shouldn't have! My God, this is heavy. What could it be? (paper rips open) Oh, MY GOD! (sobs uncontrollably)

Clueless Friend: What? Did I spell the name wrong?

Grieving Pet Owner's Husband: Maybe you'd better leave now.

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