Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'd Laugh Too--But For Different Reasons

They All Laugh Out Loud In this piece, Ngiri is seen running across the river hoping to meet more accepting playmates only to find that the other animals, with their beautiful markings and plumage, laugh at him too. 22" x 12" $13,500 (from the pretentious and overpriced Books of Wonder* website)

Alright, kids, Quiztime!
What valuable life lesson does They All Laugh Out Loud teach us?
a) Accept others for their appearance
b) Accept yourself for your appearance
c) If you can't do either, become an "illustrator" and make scads of money.
d) It doesn't matter that your toddler can't tell the difference between a $13,500 piece of "original art" and a Kinkos color copy.

(*Books of Wonder is the store that some asshole customer service rep at Barnes and Noble refered me to after she screwed up my special order)

P.S. - If you look closely, "Ngiri" is not running across the river. He/She/It is running on a patch of solid ground in the middle of the air. Lazy artist.

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