Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Die, Flipper, Die

(from AmericanBridal.com)
(Read with a giddy, girlie voice) "This unique Dolphin bottle opener makes the perfect wedding favor, because it comes with it’s own gift box, as shown here.You don't have to worry about anything, just place each dolphin gift box at each place setting or hand them out at the end of your wedding reception as you thank each guest for sharing your special day with you.Makes a perfect beach wedding favor idea gift for your wedding guest or if you have a beach theme party these dolphin bottle openers will make perfect keepsakes."

After I stumbled across this, I thought, "This looks very familiar." That's because I own one. So I ran to the kitchen and dug to the very bottom of my kitchen drawer and there it was. It looks a bit different now than when I got it. So much for the perfect keepsake.

You know, if it came down to using this embarrassingly ill-conceived bottle opener to open my beer or using my teeth, then I'll spring for the inevitable dental bill.


Slinky Redfoot said...

I can't believe you admitted it! Do you also have a dolphin tattoo of the same design?

pinknest said...

lol! you have one. i am proud to say i own nothing with dolphins on them. because that would freak me out.

Chris said...

Disclaimer: The only reason I have one is because I was given one at a wedding. I did not seek it out and purchase it. I am not that weird. But close.

S* said...

"makes the perfect wedding favor, because it comes with it’s own gift box."

BECAUSE it comes with its own gift box? If your ass is too cheap to spring for a box, you've got issues. Bigger issues than giving someone a cheesy bottle opener for a wedding gift.