Friday, December 29, 2006

Definately Better (and More Fun) Than a Harness

NEW! Find your child instantly! Peace of mind is only a beep away, thanks to the Giggle Bug. Just attach to your child's clothing, press a button on the handheld unit and the Giggle Bug emits a loud beep, telling you exactly where your kids are. Also beeps if dislodged or removed. Works up to 100 ft. indoors and 150 ft. outdoors. A wonderful alternative to harnesses. Choose red, pink or yellow. Two 3V cell batteries are included. Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker.

Attention Bitter Parents! Are you sick of your kids ditching you at the supermarket? Tired of calling the police everytime they run away? Wishing you could get their attention? Well now you can! The Toddler Taser is here! Simply attach the receiving pod to your child's back with two screws (included) and you're all ready! Just press the button on the hand-held Toddler Taser and your little one will be at your service! 25,000 volts of electricity are all you need to gain control of your little one. It's great for parties, schools and other family functions, too!

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greencan said...

that is effin hilarious!