Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cingular: Beating the Dead Horse

I know what you're thinking, gargantuan Times Square Cingular billboard: "Ha! He just slammed those dicks at T Mobile! We rule!" No you don't. The only thing that makes you only slightly less irritating is your oft-changed tagline. I've been keeping track of them since I see you every evening on the way home from work. This is what you've offered up so far:
  • He thinks you're talk to
  • Yesterday you smelled…nice
  • I just got canned...peaches
  • Take the turkey out at five...of four (I like this one. Visions of burnt turkeys and ruined holidays entertain me)
  • Don’t bother coming in…early
  • You've sure gained a lot...of respect

Now, everyone, do you understand what they are trying to say here? Not only will you drop your call at the absolute worst point in the conversation, but you will likely never be able to redial the number and correct the error. Lives will be ruined. Turkey will be burnt. Jobs will be lost. People won't necessarilly die--unless they have T Mobile.

1 comment:

Slinky Redfoot said...

speaking of dying, I hope that knife-like speech bubble falling on me on my lunch break.