Monday, December 04, 2006

Battle of the Sexes

"Ladies - don't let a big screen ruin your decor. Elegantly styled three-door cabinet features a motorized lift that hides your LCD or plasma TV (fits most TVs up to 50") in less than one minute with the push of a button. Includes 18 shelves (15 are adjustable) with ample storage for all your components, as well as 738 CDs, 330 DVDs, 264 VHS or 200 Disney tapes. Solid laminate wood construction in your choice of oak, black cherry or walnut (shown). Delivered fully assembled. *additional shipping charge for required White Glove Delivery Service."

Puke. Sure, hide your husband's hi-tech plasma tv inside a stupid $2500.00 particle-board piece of shit furniture. Did you see this on MTV cribs? Ladies, if the sight of a TV is that bothersome, maybe it’s time to leave and go live in the forest with the other crazy redneck lesbian hippie vegan cavegirls.


Slinky Redfoot said...

that thing screams '1975'. I wonder if you can stick your kids in there? Or while we're at it, maybe your wife?

Chris said...

If you get the kids in there with the TV in the up position, you can threaten crush them by pressing the "down" button